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Cross country meet

Home of the HURRICANES!

Athletic Director - Lonna Winslow


The ultimate mission of Fontainebleau Junior is to provide our students with the ability and tools necessary to function successfully in an advancing society.
Fontainebleau Junior High School is committed to an exemplary interscholastic athletics program that functions as part of the school culture. Fontainebleau Junior is dedicated to providing an outstanding program with safe facilities, staffed by qualified personnel. This program offers competitive opportunities for physical, mental and social development of student-athletes. The athletic program will be funded on a stable, consistent basis from the broad range of public, private and participant sources.



1.    Athletics compliments, supports, and extends the overall learning experience.
2.    Every person who expresses an interest in school sponsored athletic activities is provided opportunities for involvement.
3.    Involvement in athletics provides opportunities to develop life skills such as teamwork and time management.
4.    Responsibility and respect will be instrumental in molding character, decisions, attitudes, and talents.
5.    A successful athletic program needs the cooperation and support of the parents, student body, and community.


  1. Empowers people to make the right decisions.
  2. Leads by positive example.
  3. Promotes behaviors that show respect for rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and traditions of the game.
  4. Encourages and accepts input as an active listener.
  5. Maintains open, honest, and direct interactive communication.
  6. Continually reminds and refocuses people on what is important.
  7. Understands barriers and overcomes them.
  8. Helps people realize the rewards and consequences that are associated with leadership.

Parent and Coach Communication