Coach Pat Daniel




Coach Charlie Rollins

Coach Lonna Winslow


Friday, 2/17 CHS Trafton JH Season Opener at Covington High
4:00 pm Field/5:30 pm Running
Thursday, 3/9 Covington HS - Trafton JH Classic
4:00 pm Field/5:30 pm Running
Thursday, 3/16 St. Paul's- Trafton JH Invitational at St. Paul's.
4:00 pm Field/5:30 pm Running
Tuesday, 3/21

Large School Parish Track Meet at FHS
4:00 pm Field/5:30 pm Running

*The field participants will be excused from class early and parents will be responsible for their athlete's ride when we attend the away events. We will walk to the high school from the junoir high.

*For every other athlete we will give a schedule of events. The athlete should be at event and ready to go at least one hour before their event is scheduled. This should be enough time even if the meet is running early.*


7th Graders

Parker Acosta
Lauren Ausderau
Jillian Badeaux
Drew Davis
Nicole Dodd
Amelia Floyd
Madelyn Goodey
Sydni Goodson
Breanna Johnson
Kylie Kieff
Alexis Lewis
Caitlin Mitchell
Olivia Quiroz
Jazlyn Releford
Brooke Spalitta
Caroline Spalitta
Katherine Tokar

Girl's Roster








Boy's Roster

8th Graders

Ashlyn Anderson
Dasia Booth
Adeline Evans
Caroline Forest
Jesalyn Garcia
Alexis Gratia
Julianne Heath
Lauren Lacoste
Brynn Lange
Ella Pettito
Laura Sharp
Leticia Silvan
Claire Stewart
Kaia Vanacor
Hope Von Eberstein


Trey Alfonso
Will Alsobrook
Diego Anaya
Caden Anderson
Sam Awuye
Josh Bailey
Brain Baudoin
Peyton Belsom
Andre' Bernard
Dane Breazeale
Cole Brookter
Simri Castillo
Iverson Celestine
Michael Cuccia

Ty Frazier
Colin Gagnon
Cole Gartman
Owen Jensen
Samuel Lindsey
Seth Marrero
Blaise McGoey
Xavier Meyers
Cody Ngyuen
Guy Pitts
Emery Rhodes
Zane Ridgley
Louis Roussel