Uniforms are mandatory at Fontainebleau Jr. High

School uniforms will consist of the following:

Standard Polo Style Shirt: Long or short sleeve kelly green, royal blue or white buttoned polo style with three buttonholes.  A solid white or grey long or short sleeve shirt or turtle neck may be worn under the polo.  No emblems or logos allowed except the optional official school logo.*

Oxford Shirt: Solid white button down oxford long or short sleeved.  No emblems or logos are allowed except the optional official school logo.*  A solid white long or grey long or short sleeve shirt or turtle neck may be worn under the oxford shirt.

Pants, capri's, walking shorts, skirts, or skorts – Any tan/khaki cotton twill or khaki corduroy with no logos or other decorations, stripes, etc. Plain tan or white leggings may be worn under skirt.

School ID must be worn at all times either around the neck on a lanyard or clipped to the collar of the uniform shirt.

**The school approved logo can also be found on the front page and front cover of your child's planner. Official school logos are only permissible if screened or embroidered in royal blue, kelly green, or white. (ID’s are a part of the dress code-See ID’s for more information)

Students out of compliance with the uniform policy will be subject to regular school disciplinary procedures. PE uniforms are to be worn during PE only and do not substitute for the school uniform.

Approved logos:


Uniforms may be purchased at the following locations or at any store of your choosing:

Academy Sports - 898-7920

Southern Stitches and Prints - 985-626-9903 (only LOGO apparel)

School Time - 626-7335 (12 St. Ann Drive, Mandeville)

If you have any questions, you may call the school at 875-7501 during normal school hours.


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