Regular school attendance shows a close relationship with the student's success in school. Students and parents need to refer to the Parish Handbook for all state and parish policies regarding excessive and excused absences.

Upon returning to school after an absence of any length, the student must bring a signed note (on a full sheet of paper) from a parent explaining the absence. The excuse should contain the following:

a. The date the excuse was written.
b. The date(s) of the absence.
c. The reason for the absence.

Any written excuse from a parent or doctor must be presented to the office of student services upon arrival to school.

It is the student's responsibility to check with his/her teachers to set up a schedule for completion of all work missed.

If an excuse is not brought within two days upon the student's return to school, a zero for work missed will be given.

Students who are absent from class due to school sponsored activities are given excused absences.

The school board automatically sends computer letters home after five (5) absences. These do reflect excused and unexcused absences.

An excused absence is recorded as an absence.

Students absent 20 days or more in one year may be retained.