Tips for Developing Organizational Skills in Children


Your attitude is a very important factor in your child’s school success.-Value learning, use gentle, but firm tones, encourage efforts, acknowledge improvements, make learning, studying and organization fun.

1) Use Checklists- make it a habit to make ”to do” lists for everything. Cross off completed items. This brings a sense of accomplishment.

2) Organize homework assignments- number assignments in order. Start with one not too long or difficult, avoid saving longer ones for last.

3) Set a designated study place- a quiet place without distraction with supplies nearby. Young children may want a place nearby a parent-this should be encouraged as parents can monitor progress and encourage good study habits.

4) Set a designated study time-A certain time every night should be reserved for studying and doing homework, reading for pleasure or working on an upcoming project. Set the time that works best for your child using your child’s input.

5) Keep organized notebooks- Help your child keep track of papers through the use of binders-use dividers, color code, “to do” and “done folders.

6) Conduct a weekly clean-up-Sort book bags and notebooks on a weekly basis.

7) Create a household schedule- Try to establish and stick to a regular dinnertime and bedtime. Limit TV and Computer play time.

8) Keep a master schedule- Use a large wall sized calendar to keep track of all events, exams, projects and activities for all family members.

9) Prepare for the day ahead- Before going to bed have your child pack their school work and books in their book bag. Laying out clothes may help the morning go smoother.

10) Provide the necessary support while your child is learning to become more organized- Give children gentle reminders, help keep lists, do your best to try to set a good example.